Her Wedding Day

Today, Victoria is taking the holy vows of matrimony. Or in simpler terms, she’s getting married. That seems to be the growing trend these days of people my age. I would’ve been invited to the ceremony if I made an effort to stick around. Naturally, I didn’t. Happy events depress me more than my normal slightly suicidal levels I deal with. Besides, Vickie was my first love. Sure, you can make an argument that Emma, Christine, Pippa, or even Amanda from Dana had that role, but Victoria was the only one that I tried to be a better person for. I’m talking teetotaling, no swearing, and ironing my clothes. That, and engineering a complete salsa hostile takeover. I was complicit in crashing Cash America’s system so I could audition and place myself on the team’s board.


Gee…that sounds awful when I vocalize it.


Fast forward four years, and you have a wedding. The last time I saw her, I avoided her. I relived every moment we had just by looking at her. There was more good than bad. Hanging out at the lighthouse and blowing Pippa off to do so. Getting my friends to dance with her because I wanted to go outside and smoke an imaginary cigarette. Looking up how to become Catholic.


And now, she’s getting married to someone else.


I believe that winning and losing has a large hand due to luck as it does skill. It’s a testament to who we are that we learn which battles to fight and which ones to avoid. Yeah, my testament is taking all fights, even on short notice. In return, I’ve been dealt severe losses. Some times, we are destined to lose, because the story can’t progress without a roadblock. If I won everything I wanted, life would be boring. I couldn’t appreciate it all if I didn’t face an obstacle. Unfortunately, meeting and losing Victoria was necessary. The lesson I was supposed to learn? To be determined. Congrats, Victoria. Skibbedebebop. Much later.


Current Track – Imagine Dragons “Radioactive”


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