After Midnight

Last Friday, Before Midnight was released. I’ve waited quite a few years for this film, ever since I accidentally stumbled on Before Sunrise, and subsequently fell in love with Before Sunset. Few movies operate in real time, so seeing the story age with the characters was a unique experience. Plus, add in the phenomenal story and you have a recipe for the best romance movie ever, and my personal favorite film. It topped Almost Famous, which I thought was the be-all, end-all of movies. My personal goal was to have a date for the movie, and to my surprise, I had one.

Until she cancelled on me after midnight the day before.

I ended up seeing the movie alone, but I bought out the screening so I could truly watch it alone. It was a bit lonely and sad, seeing as I thought “The One” had gotten away, yet again, rinse, lather, repeat. Another defeat for the scorecard. But the movie was good, and I spent my weekend relaxing with my old salsa gang, since the band was truly breaking up. Graduations mean we are growing old. So much to ponder. But we partied like it was 2009 all over again. We didn’t have the full roster, but we did things that made our past selves proud.

And then, I had my first awkward moment in years. I ran into the girl who jilted me. I haven’t gone dancing on Mondays in ages, and last night was my impetus not to do so in the future. I was telling the story of what happened, and she walked through the door. Very odd sight to see me quiet, and everyone knew something epic transpired. She sat next to me, I said nothing, but my face betrayed my stoicism.  I caved and asked her what she wanted, and she replied friendship saving her a song. I said okay on both counts to acknowledge her words. I had no intention of complying with either request. Besides, I was in no condition to dance since her presence effectively killed my mojo. I skipped out early, and waved farewell to her and my other friends. When asked my reason, I bluntly stated that her presence screwed me up. I knew then the Jericho schedule loomed. When I returned home, I wrote her a missive explaining what happened and why we couldn’t be friends. I’m not a fan of those letters, but I’m quite good at writing them, and the rules come first. I wonder how awkward things will be in the future. Maybe I’ll be too busy writing the next letter to know. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – AFI “Prelude 12/21”


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