The Holidays

I would make a promise that I’d chronicle my thoughts more often. But we both know I march to the beat of my own drum. And currently, the drum is set to waltz.

I’m not a fan of the holidays. I walk around depressed for approximately eight months a year. Traditionally, the mourning period starts at Halloween and ends one day past my birthday. Judging by today’s date (at least for roughly two hours), today is New Year’s Day. While fortunate people have their significant others, family, and friends, I have a borrowed Netflix account that seemingly has a veritable amount of foreign language offerings that double as skin flicks. There were some films I saw that weren’t borderline pornographic, but I feel divulging my more cultural leanings might make me appear soft. And appearing soft would jeopardize years of development. I just cannot take that risk. Yet, I can proudly state that I’ve now seen every episodes of Scrubs and How I Met Your Mother.

What I’m about to do may seem cowardly…damn Big Bang Theory. Anyhow, Christmas and 2013 have passed leaving me remarkably bitter, discontent, and as usual, the best person dressed at the ball. Although, I have no idea what look I’m going for, at least consistently. I guess that’s part of the thrill of wearing clothes I’m not swimming in. Speaking of clothes I’m not swimming in, someone broke into my storage a few weeks ago. Took a lot of stuff. Like my Captain America shield. And clothes I’d swim in before getting them altered. Even my vodka. Hilariously enough, they left the television in there, which is a decent sized, but far from modern and cutting-edge. Darn. Better luck next time.

What happens next is the question that plagues me. I usually conduct an annual review to see how I’ve done in comparison to prior years and goals and ambitions. Well, the good news is, success is possible on an extremely limited budget. Unfortunately, I don’t dwell on good news. No girlfriend. Need a career. Yeah. Who knows, I’ll probably get this depression thing figured out before I off myself. Or not. Depends on how I’m feeling. Skibbedebop. Much later.

Current Track – Fun. “Some Nights”