Waking Nightmare

I thought Cash America was bad. That was, until I worked at Costco for a period not to exceed two weeks. I guess it’s a feather in my cap to get fired after two weeks of work; I didn’t protest the transaction. What I did protest was the notion of slavery, unquestioned servitude, and incompetence. Or…I think I just repeated myself. I’m not a drinker by any stretch of the imagination. Working there made me want to drink. Being talked down to made me want to drink. Getting fired made me want to drink…in celebration. There are certain business practices that should be common sense, such as making your customers feel comfortable shopping, not rolling carts into a congested area full of people, and not talking down to your employees. I should’ve prefaced this rant by stating that this was the Costco in Inglewood, which presents special socioeconomic factors that should be considered. However, if I continued on this train of thought, I would undoubtedly get branded as a racist elitist, or elitist racist. Not sure which qualifies first, but when your coworkers steal your phone, that is an indictment of the forces at work. I’m certain I’ll write a damning letter in the near future as is my wont. Now, I’ll celebrate that I finally upgraded my phone, which I’m pleased with. I’ll never know why I need a phone with a 3D camera or other bells and whistles, but I won’t deny that I like having a phone with a zero likelihood of cockblocking me. No, it’s not super advanced like an iPhone 5. Yes, it is miles better than what I’ve owned prior.

All of my television shows are gone until February, and even then, it’s only The Walking Dead. Naturally (not really), that means returning (somewhat) fulltime to salsa. Part of my interest stems from not being able to trust the new guard. A small sampling of financial data gives me reason to believe that they’re burying my club. I considered writing a book about how salsa club is really a mafia, and the truth, sadly, is stranger than fiction. Backstabbing. Incest. Treachery. Chicanery. Happenstance. Yes, I did that on purpose. I know I was guilty of certain actions, but it wasn’t by design. Granted, I’m not nearly as guilty as some parties, and my actions were done to preserve the group’s integrity. That said, I wish the current group was as ambitious, because that would show a working mind. I spent hours picking the brain of a comrade that I wasn’t too familiar with, and then…we became very familiar with each other’s thinking in short order. Who’s side are we all on, anyway? History will look back on some of us with fondness, and others…will be forgotten and relegated to footnotes. In my endeavors, I’ve met a charming woman who I doubt that I have a chance with, because that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Sigh. The misery of being single when clearly I want otherwise. Just think, I had a conversation with her that didn’t involve sex. It is possible. Heh. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Taylor Swift “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”