Protecting the Brand

Next month, I’ll be celebrating a painful anniversary. Long story short, met a girl, fell in love, somehow ended up in court on opposing sides, and my Second Amendment right was suspended for three years. But history and my appreciation of Kill Bill stops me from wanting guns, so it wasn’t the biggest blow in the history of my existence. The damage was more mental than physical; it only bugs me if I consider talking to another girl, or if a cop decides to pull me over for driving a spiffy car. Oh, and I know I’m breaking the fourth wall. Colt Cabana, how ya doing?

Even though I’d like to believe that my words are good enough to spread to the masses, I understand that I have a very limited audience. After all, I’m not famous enough to command the great following I so richly deserve. Yet, I still wonder what some people think after reading my musings. Oddly enough, I know that Pippa reads this…and somehow gained me a whole new audience! How so? By slandering me here via Reddit.

Yep, I’m glad these blogs have a tracker, or else I might not be hipped to such developments. I have to say, I’m a bit hurt and a bit relieved. A couple of comments were demeaning, but the other few comments hedged towards the truth. One person defended me while saying the only sin I’m guilty of is being full of myself. Of course, that makes me giggle. Me, full of myself? I’m the humblest braggart I know. But, I started thinking about the crux of why I care. I’d be lying to say I don’t think about what transpired. In fact, before I head to Miami in a couple weeks, I’ll check my phone to see if someone wants to talk, like I did two years ago before Phoenix. In my heart, this is still a love story that deserves a proper ending.

But in my mind, I still want to know why this hasn’t ended. I know I hadn’t let go, despite my desire to do so. But I figured she’d be more interested in leaving the memories alone. Don’t change a thing. The way it is…it’s the way it has to be. If that’s how Fuel’s song went. Unfortunately, I don’t quite know what she posted, which I can’t interpret is a good thing or a bad thing. Is it better I don’t know? Who knows. But it is pathetic how things turned out, and how they’re still unfolding. Going public with her claims of me being a stalker would’ve been brilliant…if it was true and she had substantiating evidence. But no, not the case. I’m reminded of The Riddler’s epic line from Batman Forever: for if knowledge is power, THEN A GOD AM I. That sounded so much better when I pictured myself in green hissing it from a chair shaped like a question mark. The younger, overweight me would probably think better about public warfare. However, I’m older, thinner, and delightful. Naturally, the only thing on my mind is Sonic Generations. The main idea here is that even in the worst situations, we all have a responsibility to The Horseshoe. Protect the brand at all costs, and hope it’s enough in the face of an onslaught. If not? Herm Edwards said the reason we play is to win the game. Or get the girl. Find respect. Rewrite the past. Reclaim the future. Solidify the present.

I’ll end this entry simply asking: who’s stalking who?

Current Track – Jim Sturgess “Something”


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