Before The Devil Knows I’m Dead

I’m finishing up my DVD collection started earlier this year, and I’m pleased with what I have seen. Besides that abomination known as Adventureland. Also, Bruno was lackluster, which is surprising in light of how much I enjoyed Borat. Years ago, it would’ve pained me to stay at home watching movies instead of trying to find my white whale. Now, the television is not only the best option, but my birthright.

I went dancing twice last week, and two important things happened. First, I lost my 2011 Mavericks title hat. After years and years of waiting, I plucked down $30 and lost it. The other regards my seemingly worsening lovelife of sorts. To be fair to the person who brought this up, my personality has been solidified in the public eye by my mannerisms. However, the modus operandi has always been “girlfriend”. Nothing else has eluded me (including controversy) quite like attachment. In short, I was offended when she questioned my affinity for a girl by saying “she won’t sleep with a guy unless she’s in a relationship.” Funny, I didn’t recall asking to sleep with her. Also, I’m not a fan of a colleague withholding information under any circumstances. If I can’t trust the people I’m around, I’m better off retiring off to the ranch. Even then, I can’t find rest because a sleazy bastard called me a pussy for my decision to step away. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, but I’m determined to prance to the beat of my own drum. I reckon it’s better to be a pussy than to stay the course in failed pursuit. I cried to myself a few days ago at work when looking over the stuff I had with Blondie. I strongly feel I missed an opportunity with her for something special, and all I have now is my absurdly large brain and a summer of…Punk.

Which brings me back to Hawthorne. I am nearly finished with my car customization. That’s what 23 year old kids do when they’re single and haven’t a clue what to do about it. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – The Rock “Electrifying”


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