Truth Hurts

So, I was having a crappy week, but that was to be expected. The harder you fight, the more resistance you’re prone to meet. Work has been a nuisance, but at least there’s a paycheck involved. Salsa doesn’t pose the luxuries of having a quantifiable victory, but I do it because there’s always that sliver of hope. That is, until your mentor tells you your personality is broken and you couldn’t date anyone in the room.

Granted, I’ve come to terms that my personality has definable shortcomings. However, being confronted by those facts is still tough to swallow. I guess that sitting next to a girl I tried to date pushed me over the edge. As I type this another girl passes my car before I have the opportunity to dance with her. Jenkies. I can excite a room of girls with my penchant for fun, but that will never translate to success, despite my best efforts and intentions. Why wouldn’t I trust the authority on this one?

He did nail the girl I was pursuing, after all. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Saliva “Hollywood”


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