Reincarnating Solidarity

The semester is done. The once proud battlefield is a wasteland, where a few scant soldiers nurse injuries and prowl for survivors. Many casualties were lost along the way, and for good reason; we all withstood the first of what appears to be four battles, not including the microevents that will set up the larger frays. I put down my katana after the madness, unsure if I want to continue being a mercenary. Maybe I want to stay home and relax. Maybe I want a wife and kids. Maybe I don’t want an insane amount of emails from kids bitching about their grades. Or maybe I just want a night of sleep.

Since I’ve got time off, I want to focus on life outside the ivory tower. I haven’t seen my friends too much, outside of the ones I’m contractually obligated to see. I’m not sure it’s a bad thing, but I do want to refine who I am when I’m not wearing my hats as a teacher and a student. Recently, I’ve stayed up past my bedtime talking to others, not writing papers and figuring out grades. I thought teaching would be harder than grading, and that isn’t the case. I made unpopular decisions, I’m sure. I’ll deal with the fallout in a month, after I get more cider. It feels so great to be able to demure about these things. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Pink “Raise Your Glass”


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