Sick Puppy

There have been few times I can remember being too sick and tired to do basic formalities. Grad school, in four short months, has put me on ice for the foreseeable future. Yes, the end of the semester is rapidly approaching, but I am in horrible shape. I will not pretend to be a bodybuilder since my fixation for greasy fast food has been documented. The multiple runs to Del Taco and In-N-Out during my undergrad residency represented the best times of college, besides the occasional salsa domination. But yes, grad school has thoroughly beaten humility into a once proud student.

That’s not to say I’m crestfallen; I do have a cold and Parkinson’s disease, but definitely not crestfallen.

I weigh my standing in the department along with whether this is the correct career path. The odds of getting rich in the liberal arts are small; communication specifically doesn’t offer too many sacks of money. However, I’ll always get a kick out of teaching, especially when my students are productive and entertaining. This was my last week of teaching for the semester, and I committed Teacher Misbehavior after Teacher Misbehavior, but it was in the interest of teaching. Yes, that will make sense one day. My classes were chaotic, I had cider, and Weezer heralded my entrance to class. All in the room saw firsthand what I could be if I plugged in at my full potential, and not to pat myself on the back, but I’m scary good when I’m on point. Sure, my students had a few digs, such as mentioning my resemblance to Kenan Thompson. I swear, my kids were among the most racist, offensive bunches I could have asked for, but I received my wish. However, all is not peachy, since some of my kids were living examples of the dangers of teaching. I’m concerned by apathy I’ve encountered, but that’s out of my hands. Students in general are questionable, because the upperclassmen in my upper-division class seem to be absentminded as well. But, rest is necessary, and I have a future to ponder. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – TV/TV “Smoke & Mirrors”


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