The Antichrist of Salsa

So, the gang’s back together again. Part of me is overjoyed. Part of me is saying “damn, that was quick.” Another part of me is saying that maybe my personal life shouldn’t be so damn predictable. All of me is saying “put down the bottle, at least until you move out.” But seriously, my circle is back to being where it was before the Infinite Crisis struck. On the home front, I accurately predicted a touchdown to piss off the naysayers. On the school front, I reminded an ally that I can make one choice and change the future for the worst. On both fronts, they reminded me my choice in women sucks major royal donkey balls. With friends like these, who needs…

I feel the need to slightly grow up a bit, and by that, I mean preparing my exodus to move out. I anticipate sometime early next semester, although I’m not sure moving out is necessarily a benefit. After all, I come home to sleep, and that’s practically it. Even if I lived in Long Beach, I’m sure the only advantage would be booze, booze, and more booze. While inebriation is a great noble goal in itself, I prefer other vices.

Grad school…grrr. Makes my head hurt. I’m not sure whether the workload in grad school is overkill, or sitting through 75 bad speeches did the trick. The semester comes to a merciful close in a couple of short weeks. During the break, I intend to make a voyage back to Ciderville and pick up on a few excesses I’ve deprived myself. Namely, my Mustang doesn’t feel like home yet. I feel January will be a month where I can get a few necessary tasks done…or something like that.

Speaking of feeling like home, Prince William is marrying his girlfriend of a few years, Kate. While reading upon this, I learned that her sister shares the first name of my former flame, while the princess-in-waiting’s first name is really my former flame’s middle name. Yenno, I’d kill for the days when I wouldn’t think nearly that hard about my romantic follies. But it’s not truly a surprise, considering this season last year was when all of the action happened. I drove by the lighthouse at the Pike and got misty-eyed because of where I stood with her and where we stood afterwards. Last Thanksgiving, I made the rounds to her place, then went 200 miles in the other direction to dine with my family. Gotta love the memories. I really miss not feeling alone and being a winner for once. At the least, I still have my health and friends. And a Mustang that needs to be fitted for my use. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Starship “We Built This City”


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