Before Masquerade

Tomorrow is the Social Dance Party, an event I’ve frequented every year I’ve been in college. My first go-around was the only time I did not have the central role, although I had a significant role. Ever since, I’ve been the little engine that could, for better or worse. I didn’t anticipate being at this party because grad school at CSULB wasn’t always in my plans. Considering the difficulties I had with Pippa and Skylar, I was certainly looking forward to the last show being the last show. Now, the gang is roughly back together, and we’re putting this party on not just as business, but for pride. We encountered some difficulties and a rough economy, but nothing could have driven us more to provide the greatest entertainment vehicle on Earth. The plan is simple: Zakiya provides the scene, Skylar writes the script and provides the soundtrack, and I direct traffic. Simple enough? Yes. This time, a grittier version of my character will be present. Of course, I mean there will be no wig. I’ll pack the United States Title, because the champion cannot arrive without arriving suited and booted. With that said, time for a soliloquy.

I ran into a professor today that brought back memories that have been colored by maturity and longing. She asked me how I was doing scholastically, professionally, and emotionally. The key is the last state, because she was the only professor I told about my situation with Pippa. I offered that I couldn’t focus on that because grad school has made heavier things (like my social life) unimportant. Truth is, I still think about her, which is compounded by occasionally seeing her on my way to teach. At last fall’s party, the whirlwind romance started, and sputtered to a close in April. There’s few things I’d want more than reconciliation with the girl considered to be my first girlfriend. Instead, I’ve settled for proctoring tests and midnight burrito runs that end with funny stories. Perhaps in another time, I’ll find that piece to complete my puzzle. At the moment, I have a belt to shine and a title to be defended. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Hail the Villain “Runaway”


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