I’m known to celebrate when I am victorious. At the moment, I’m feeling victorious…not by my own hand, mind you. Someone’s trying/tried to back me in the corner and overplayed the hand. Normally, I’m the one that blows certain victory by being a bit…prideful. Maybe proud was the better word. Anyhoo, no more painful tossing and turning, and awkward dodging of events. Speaking of peaceful attending of events…

Friday was the salsa team retreat, and of course, the Shaman of Sexy arrived and caused a scene. I don’t want to say I was a returning conquering hero, but if the sleeves fit, wear ’em. I was greeted with aplomb the minute I stepped foot inside with cider (that wasn’t entirely shared). My buddy, Mr. President, stayed far later than intended, but it was worth it to all of us. We drank, we danced, we stole things. In particular, I stole the show. I find it ironic how I’m the most eloquent when inebriated, despite all my learning occurring under sober circumstances. I took Victoria for a couple songs using Ric Flair’s Space Mountain line. I converted a potential foe to a devoted follower of the Palace of Wisdom. I even gave to charity, calling off a pursuit in deference to a teammate. Instead, I think I may have found someone else. I’ve been thinking about getting back on the horse, but other topics have taken precedence. Yet, that party was my first opportunity to try the new offense. Hey, you teach on campus? No way! Yes way! Dance? Sure, I think I can do that. Next thing you know, I’m doing my best Tarzan impersonation, beating my chest and inviting girls to take a ride on the Professor Guy Experience. No, that’s not going to work, but it’ll do for now. Considering I went dancing Monday and wasn’t this over, I owe my success to a feeling of familiarity. That, and a very well played game of Truth and Dare. Say what you will about friends and grievances, but friends always figure out a way to bail each other out. Case in point, the salsa game of choice. I should mention that we follow a strict code of honor that forbids any real violations, such as the stealing of a first kiss, drinking against sobriety, etc. Well, my teammate read my route without any conversation, and dared a girl to kiss me. Woo-hah! She didn’t flinch. Neither did I. Wins all around. Sure, last week was my first night out with my cohort buddies, but nothing beats an old time soiree with the gang. I do wonder how much we should expand the circle. People come, people go, and consistency makes things work. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Steadman “Wave Goodbye”