Good evening, world! Or, I wish I could feel up to that grandiose statement, but odd aches and pains have been plaguing me recently. Standing up, sitting…all have become problematic. I’d like to pin the problem to the obscene amount of stuff that resides in my backpack. Realistically, it’s due to stress creeping up me like a bad fungus. I had a smorgasbord of projects due this week, which was fabulous in itself. The straw that broke the camel’s back was a girl being a bit…unreasonable. The old adage is “never compare yourself to others; they might be more fucked up than you think.”

Case in point: a blonde put me in a pretty unfavorable situation a few months back. In hindsight, I was more or less guided by being emotionally betrayed. There were no true consequences from it other than me accepting that I would have to stay away and let time (probably) heal wounds. Minor embarrassment, yes; long-term damage, no. In this current case, another blonde effectively wants to ruin what is going to be the closest society gets to perfection. Emotions run high, as they always will and have; I’m not immune to this, which is why I took the last case to heart. However, the game is not about ruining someone else’s livelihood/career/you get the idea. Even I’ve sobered up over the years, because I now find myself in positions of power that the old me would have abused religiously. Now, eh, it’s karma coming back, so I’ll just go back to driving the sexiest car in grad school. Now, I’m on edge, which is saying something because I’m usually on edge. Now, it’s like Joker-level edge. Hmmm, maybe I was fooling myself with thinking that I could enjoy life without chaos. No wait, that’s wrong. I was wrong to think that there wouldn’t be chaos in the first place. On the bright side, I’ve survived my first month, and I do feel like I’ve found my game speed for this. Besides, I hear that actually having shoulders is considered sexy in some parts. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – EMF “Unbelievable”


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