Despite Mr. Lane’s aversion to Facebook, I find it hilarious because there are few places where you can have a public discussion on getting a souvenir from Japan. What souvenir did I ask for? Sushi? No, damn it! I want boyshorts! From a vending machine!

If you walk the planet long enough, you’ll find yourself making errors that weren’t intended to be errors. That sounds a bit wrong, but my point’s there. I unintentionally offended a few people in my Conflict Resolution class, and I tried to do right by apologizing. I do hope they understood my sincerity and efforts. On the same note, I feel a tinge of cognitive dissonance with my normal classes. There was a midterm, and it was harder than I could have predicted. I know I’ve walked into tests shellshocked, but I’m special, so I aced everything. This on the other hand…yeah, I came to the conclusion that I might like my kids. They could learn a few things about the English language and following directions. Am I needy? Sure, why not. My genius knows no bounds.

…But my luck does. As a graduate student, I do find myself in very contrived scenarios. I may give a presentation off the cuff. I may talk someone up a tree, then down it, and back up again. I might try to defend my major’s humanity without attempting to read why I should be on defense. Hell, I might even do serious work, such as proctoring a test for a professor. Now, this is not that big of a deal; I did this for my old boss, and I’ll probably be doing it for my new boss. However, this is where things get interesting…on two notes. One, this was Pippa’s class. Why didn’t someone send me the memo? In a span of three seconds, I thought about the legality, irony, and purpose of the situation. Then I just said “screw it” and watched the class to prevent cheating. When her section left, another section came in. One girl was eyeballing me the whole time, and I thought it was…odd, but hell, shit happens. She waited until my colleague and four other testers left to seduce me. Or at least, that’s my best guess. Our smalltalk was leading me towards being censured and fired until she got my name wrong. How do you flirt with a power figure and get the name wrong? My name’s not Kenny, damn it! She was cute, though. Maybe another time, another test, or my preference, office hours. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Ke$ha “Take It Off”


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