Validation by Acceleration

Because “Validation by Masturbation” wasn’t such a great first time. Zing.

Week two of grad school, and I’m slowly realizing that I may not have time to update this thing as much as I want. But that’s alright, because I can say I’ve done things the right way. Note, I’ve decided to take inventory of my current life while stroking my new United States Championship belt that complements Captain America’s shield. Did I mention my massive WWE Shop order? Yes, I’ve been rocking the Nexus armband, so join me as I say “sieg heil!” (HIGH EVOLUTIONARY!). I insist that you join me. No really, I insist. And I bought a 2010 Mustang converible, silver per Shaman’s orders.

I thought I told you, I’m a star. See the lights; see the car.

I finally feel like I’m the right age. It’s like I’ve turned heel in the most vicious manner, like say Triple H when he just would be defeated in the early 2000’s. I’m sure I can think of an even better cocky, talented heel, but that’ll suffice at the moment. I had plans to get a car for awhile, and due to extremely convenient circumstances, I got the car I wanted. According to others, I got the car I deserved. Did I mention I celebrated by spending the night at a gentlemen’s club? Money is glorious, especially when you’re doing something you’ve been specifically trained to avoid. Salsa Club’s Smorgasport showing was also glorious, due to my candor and bravado. I’m almost close to reaching the goal of having everything I want at once. Yet, now that I have this car, I get the idea that salsa may not be everything, as trips are very much on the table. For a 22 year old, I’m certainly “balling out of control”, as some of the young folks would say. At least the young folks in my class would say something like that…eclectic, very weird bunch. Let the good times roll. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Daughtry “September”


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