I drove five hours to Watsonville in search of S. Martinelli and Co., maker of my favorite brand of apple cider. This is a trip that I can say was years in the making, even if I didn’t know it until a couple of months ago. Didn’t truly have the opportunity until this week, and it took for me to sacrifice a Saturday off to make it work. Lo and behold, I made it to Northern California, and voila, I became the owner of 60 bottles of exotic cider. What makes cider exotic? Well, the varieties down here do not include cherry, mango, peach, raspberry, or wild berry. All in all, I spent about $140, which included a hat to mark our trip. Yes, Brandon bought 12 bottles, but the lightweight he is…only 12 bottles? I dig this, I dig this very much. My thoughts on the scenery can be boiled down to “beautiful green.” There was so much green along the way that it wasn’t really the California I know. Watsonville reminded me of El Segundo, except that my adopted hometown does not have farms surrounding. Could retire there, though.

I met my colleagues in the grad cohort, and I must say, we have a bunch that’s on board to rock. Grad school is starting soon, work is still work, and I think I may go full speed ahead with a prospect I’ve been considering. This could be fun. I figure that I will lose half my body weight with my schedule and intensity, which would be suicidal in most cases and downright insane in mine. Must do powerpoints…eventually. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Ke$ha “Mr. Watson”


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