Semper Paratus

Hello, August. I love it how this month is the precursor to me becoming august. I also love how I can commit simple wordplay because my vocabulary is colossal. Start game.

I’ve spent more time in Long Beach than I originally planned due to my job screwing me over, and an invitation to research ahead of schedule. It turns out that after this, I will officially be published. It is starting to weigh on me that I’m officially an adult now, and being an adult comes with great responsibility. Or, more aptly, it comes with more tasks to complete that may take more time than I have budgeted. I’m sure there are a few items I’m forgetting that I’ll catch up to in a matter of hours…

But apartment hunting will not be one of them, because that’s how I’m spending my latter half tomorrow. The morning will be dedicated to research, so afterwards, I’m taking my tale…no, that’s not right. I’m looking at a couple of facilities that could potentially house the epically uncoiffed anomaly that is me. Yes, I rhymed that whole sentence. The only thing I seek is hardwood floors, and these two places have it. A little lime green paint, a few belts, and a Celtics banner would make The Palace of Wisdom fit for a Shaman.

First, I have to figure out why the decor is the way it is, and why I’m not opting to change it. I guess the old man in me is losing to the little kid underneath. This being single thing gets to me each passing day, but the feeling is different. Earlier, it was more instances and smaller pain; since I’m busier, they’ve become less frequent, but more intense when I think about it. I’d like to question the person in charge how I can achieve so much, yet remain unable to reconcile that I’m blessed with certain talents and have to charge it to the game that I can’t have it all. Of course, I’ve mentioned I’d trade it all for a stable relationship that’s calm and quaint. Sometimes…I just can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Optimism could be one of my strong points, but it’s getting harder to fathom that I could come this far, go farther, yet do it alone. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Beethoven “Ode to Joy”


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