Ducks in a Row

I always supposed that money would always make me happy in the workplace. Today, I learned that money is a major component, but not always everything. Attention break: Muse is performing in Los Angeles, and I think I’d like to hear “Supermassive Black Hole” live. Meh, I’ll probably have some weird meeting that weekend. Groovy. Back to the subject, I occasionally sit on the grass and look up to ask “what’s next?” When there are stars out, I put myself back in November/December which was by far and large the happiest time of my life. I’ve been trying to keep my mind at equilibrium by focusing on school work. Yes, paperwork over Pippa…not a fair trade. I had my first meeting with Dr. Moss today to discuss our attack for the fall.

Normally, when I use the word “attack”, I do it tongue-in-cheek, since there’s no true attack on anything. Well, in a decidedly blunt change of pace, the professor and I decided that we’d like to be truly innovative with how we engage the class. Conflict Resolution is a class that allows for plenty of leeway over the year. My title is essentially “offensive coordinator” for the course, which is awesome on a few different levels. For starters, the class has about 200 people; I’m going to get the opportunity to lecture to people that could be older than me! That should not excite me as much as it should, but it does. I have to review the slideshow presentations and make them more functional. In my view, that means lace it with plenty of wrestling references. With regards to my professor, there’s a strong academic connection. The excitement is blinding, considering I’m walking into the unknown. However, I’m the chosen one, and I get that I’m supposed to succeed at any and all costs.

Also, the prospect of living alone has settled in, and I’m thrilled. There were a few thoughts I had about loyalty and pride, but meh, as a friend once said, “own fucking program.” So, that leaves me with a flat…in Long Beach…all alone. Hmmm, the possibilities are endless. First off, I want paint and lots of it. I figure that a complete Seattle Sounders FC theme for the living room would be awesome, besides a tribute to Boston athletics, of course. I want to cook. I want to potentially entertain on a fortnightly basis. I also want a place to sleep when I’m stressed out and need a couple of shots. I also want a stripper pole. Yeah, this will be an interesting two years.

Speaking of two years in Long Beach, my mother inquired about me cleaning up my act because she wants grandchildren. If I didn’t know any better, I guess the one she has doesn’t quite scream favorite. That’s one of the perks about having my own place; there goes the stigma of saying I’m a grown man living in the dorms. I may have to explain the esoteric nature of the apartment’s design, but that will be easy to understand since I’m practically a kid at heart. I do want someone else in my life to spend time with, among other things. I had a mock relationship where I didn’t ignore others, yet I spent a good amount of time with her. This time, I’d like to try ignoring people around me but my significant other. Or maybe not, but I’d like to have a significant other who might could see herself moving in and facing life with me. I just wonder if I’ll have that opportunity here. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Eminem “Cinderella Man”


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