Triumvirate Triumphant

As of this press writing, I am happy to report that my colleague Jordan McIntyre has completed his term at UCLA to receive his BA in History. Added to the prior ascenscion of Brandon Lane at CSU Fullerton with a BFA in Animation, and a collected BA in Rhetorical Studies and Political Science…the triumvirate has made 2010 the most successful academic year in our storied…eight year history. Screw academic, I think we just blew shit out the water. The pride and admiration I have for my gang goes beyond my words; in fact, the way they graduated reminded me I still have work. One had his former flame in the stands, the other his current. I had…my degree. Would it really kill me not to read into these things?

Four more weeks at the school, and I can mail it in for the summer. I’m doing better than I expected in my field of work, but really, I’d expect nothing less if I wasn’t devoting full concentration to it. Alright, that’s a lie; I can’t truly give full concentration to anything. If it was diagnosed as some acutely hyperactive form of ADD, I’d be surprised. Or, even more fun, I could be diagnosed as a high-performing autistic. Meh, I digress.

The case for seclusion could be made anytime I hear something that has me reaching for a red flag. I heard from a girl recently that she has no interest in me because I seem to be allergic to dates, which is a scary notion if we were to date. I found it odd, because contrary to her opinion, I have no problem with the date situation. What pissed me off specifically about her accusation was that the triple date she had with Skylar was my idea. I suggested it, got Pippa, and added on another couple for stability to complete the evening. Pretty much, if I didn’t coordinate, it would not have happened. For someone to be that averse to dates, I sure did have no misgivings setting up a, well…a date. Shit like that…it reinforces why I’d prefer a quiet life out the spotlight with a girl and a car. No one will ever appreciate you for what you do, and won’t question how the job got done. Who knows, that’s probably for the best, since if people really knew who pulled the strings, I might be even deeper than I’m in now. Two months until school starts and I settle into the Palace of Wisdom, located a world away from ignorance, but bordering on insanity. After all, insanity is genius taken to the next logical progression. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Eminem feat. Pink “Won’t Back Down”


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