At Peace…Mostly

I woke up groggy this morning, probably because I did not sleep. I should probably stop lying about being immune to caffeine, because the two small cups I had last night/this morning forbade sleep before five. There was a documentary that required attention, and it brought me back to my childhood with the Power Rangers toys and other weird stuff I coerced my mother into buying. Films like that is why I’m a communication major.

Still groggy, I run to my mailbox where I am greeted by a couple of missives from the school. One is another congratulatory note, the other confirming my soon to be employment here. As of press time, I was granted three sections of Interpersonal Communication, none of which is on Friday mornings. That would have been a major point of contention, seeing as I would like to peg Friday as my “recover from previous night’s debauchery” day. More or less, I am happy. They already decided my last day of working at Cash America, which was pretty nifty. I thought I might stay on for an additional month, but they squashed that idea. Groovy. I have not been assigned a GA mentor, but from what I understand, I am in high demand among professors. I do not have the best grades among all the grad students, but I keep hearing I’m the most comfortable in my own skin. Is that what the world needs right now: a guy who is comfortable in his own skin? Whatever the case, I hear that fits me.

Looking ahead, I’m nearing the point where I see the world in for what it is: a maddening sequential chaotic order. My mother keeps telling me how proud she is of me, and my teachers are happy that I’ll be sticking around for another 780 days or so. My mind individually has an eye towards the fall when Jordan and I move into our own Palace of Wisdom. I’m not sure why this is so exciting, considering I’ve been in college for four years. However, the next two years (probably six) have that potential to be groundbreaking. It’s one of the few things I’ve envied about Brandon: he’s been on his own since high school. Sure, I’ve moved here to the dorms, and Jordan had a small stint, but I knew that Mom was always there, especially since I didn’t have a kitchen. Now, I get to download my illegal music and porn again. I’m going to part ways with the computer I’ve had for ten years, and have a room practically designed to my schematics. I have a vision of blinding lime green and being lost in the glow. I want to hang up my belts. I want…to have a freezer that has ice cream in it. Big dreams, big dreams.

Speaking of big dreams, the more I look around, the more things aren’t as they appear. People abdicating leadership positions, uneasy alliances, wrestling booking that’s starting to make sense, and the Young Bucks losing the tag titles. Despite conventional wisdom telling me to run, I still think of her everyday. I read an imaginary commencement address from Yale, and it posed a potent question: have you as yet loved anyone or anything beyond reason? She qualifies. I hadn’t thought about it until I reread the poem I dedicated to Liz, and there was Pippa’s tag with link, still active. Last time I had checked, she blocked me on Facebook, but er, there she was. When I mentioned possibly moving out for the next term, she said that she’s coming over because she wants to cook. If we did get back on good terms, I’d have no problem with that. After all, she’s 1/8 of the solution to my Bachelor of Arts according to Yale. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Saliva “Time to Shine”


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