Salsa Tropical

CSULB Salsa has existed for four years, and in the fourth year, Anthony Guy rose to power as the face of the program. Although originally teamed with his best friend in the group, he later broke out as the sole presence that decided the activities of those around him. Thus, it was no surprise that at the 4th Anniversary of the organization, he would bring the power and the funk. He enlisted his favorite instructors, as well as the most exciting dancer in Los Angeles to front his show. Yes, Rodrigo Guzman was my guest at the party, and I’ll be damned if that wasn’t the smart choice. The final totals are in, and it looks like there was a bigger than expected profit. I have a reborn set of sleeves, and I do have everyone referring to me as the Shaman of Sexy. If that truly is my last hurrah, I do think I have arrived. Wait, I have been saying I’ve arrived for the longest time. I must find a new phrase for arrive. I could use ascended…who knows.

After the party was the after party. I ventured to Denny’s to offer my pleasantries to the founders, and of course, I enjoyed it considerably.  However, another place offered free food and booze, so there I went. The chief lesson I learned was never go without eating food while preparing for the biggest party of the year. I battled a headache since early in the morning, and it’s attributed to not eating. Now, I didn’t plan to starve myself, but accidents occur. Once I had food and shots, I was a clean man. Besides making people uncomfortable and receiving a lap dance, no shenanigans took place. An interesting conversation took place, though, on the road towards Sourceville.

Sean and I spent the wee hours discussing what happened at the last party, which was the proverbial coin flip. I love this particular venue for parties because it was the site of my greatest success, and subsequently, largest gamble. At the time, I was on top of the world with a choice to make. Either the hot young blonde or my dance partner would be my primary interest going forward. Tough choice to make, because one had history, the other promise. However, seeing as everyone (with one exception) knew the full story, I was on borrowed time and fresh off taking a shot of toilet water off some guy’s ass. Yes, it was that kind of a night. I’ve never been presented with that sort of dichotomy before: two girls, two different futures, both accessible. I can’t differentiate between what made them separate in my eyes, because they both had equal factors that weighed in on my heart. However, it was the freshman that held on to me for dear life and comfort, and while the teacher was respected as my chief companion, the future apparently was then. Now, the smart thing to have done was to let it ride, hold the freshman’s hand, and just let it evolve naturally. Since my position is never quite that easy, I had to leave an emphatic stamp on my night. With a drink in my hand and my girl smoking a cigarette, I dared the teacher to make out with Sean. Twice. I tossed her aside for instant gratification and the hope of a new dawn with the freshman. The reason I did this would be to leave no doubt in my mind who I wanted; obviously, I had my doubts, but I needed to go to the point of no return. When I discovered that Sean might have a crush on her, I was overjoyed, albeit halfheartedly. Do note, though, that I had the situation I wanted: no safety net. If I was going to step to the table, I really was going all-in.

Five months later, I am at the same venue with no freshman, while the teacher and Sean are exchanging the looks that I once shared with her. Girls don’t come between friends (or they shouldn’t), and this is one of those cases where it won’t. Naturally, my executive decision made things awkward on both parts, because I think he’s a better guy for her than me. Would I like another run at the teacher? Of course I would; I didn’t give it a fair shot the last time, and whether people admit to it or not, they didn’t help the matter. In fact, I was pushed towards the freshman because of the teacher; only after shit went wrong did they push me back. Now, I’ve got my thoughts of what was, and Sean has his thoughts of what was. We both agreed I took one hell of a risk, and I’m pretty damn comfortable with a pair of dice that seem to be loaded against me. That weekend five months ago had its own dividends that made it look like the coin was fair. A sobering reality leads me to believe I made the wrong choice, but for the right reasons. There was no way I was going to win that battle, and I didn’t want to admit it. The safer choice was tossed to another safe choice, while I took my walk on the wild side. And if I had my way, I’d like to walk on the wild side again, because the freshman really did something that altered my perception of power and affection.

After discussing this situation, the multiple shots I had left my system sober as whistle. I threw the biggest party in club history where everyone toasted my will to thrive and put on a show. That can’t be all I’m worth. Soon, I’ll return to a class I haven’t been to in awhile because of the grief I’ve endured. I heard from a couple of classmates that they thought I had died since I possessed the highest grade in the class, yet went missing. I usually tend to go MIA without word during stressful cases. Odd enough that I’m super public, but I can dig a spider hole like no one’s business. Thus, Tuesday I’ll make my way back to the persuasion course where undoubtedly, I’ll be greeted with open arms, a slight bit of compassion, and hopefully, a punch to the shoulder. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Luis Enrique “Yo No Se Mañana”


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