Catholic Crash

I’d like to roar. Literally, I’d like to look up, let out a primal scream and let the world shiver in my wake. It’s been that type of week. It’s been that type of year. It’s been that type of existence.

So, Victoria and I didn’t work out because I’m not Catholic. I saw it coming, but I couldn’t escape the inevitability that was…well, what it was. I could not argue against hardcore Catholicism to save my life. She cited a biological clock (my words, not hers) and the need to settle down and have kids. Quite frankly, I would not mind that life; I’ve said multiple times that I wouldn’t care about world domination if I found that special someone to grow old with and cherish. Unfortunately, it won’t be her because I’m sure I couldn’t convince myself to join the church. It’s not like I didn’t consider it, but even I have my ground where I hold court.

Naturally, I had a nervous breakdown and showed I am human. Being human doesn’t appeal to me, but it does allow for certain incentives. Namely, I could be as big of a dick now and have an excuse. It’s sad that I’ll have to debut this new side with Victoria who did give me a couple of chuckles before I found my Satsu no Hadou. She mentioned I hit on her at my birthday welcoming at The Shore. Yet…it hurts. I’m no longer in this business to have women as friends. It is not in my plans, and once I get my bearings to go on the offensive. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – George Michael “Careless Whisper”