Didn’t We Almost Have It All?

I’m a bit bruised, battered, beaten up, and fit for summary execution. As of today, I am halfway through this session of summer school, which also means I am 3/4ths of the way done with the most grueling part of my trek towards infamy. During this stretch, I’ve run into a few inconvenient truths, none of which involve my considerable talents.

I’ve been given the message that my personality is overly aggressive and intimidating. This is not news, but it was discomforting to hear after finishing a pitcher of…some unknown beer that was free, yet tasted great. I wonder how I have gotten to the point that I can stare down a safety on the sidelines and scare him off the field. More accurately, a classmate has avoided me because of my intimidating presence; the part that pisses me off is that I do not know her, yet she’s scared. If someone has a problem with you, it’s only fitting that they address it in person instead of cowering for no apparent reason. I keep hearing confidence is sexy, but somewhere, I’m not walking the fine line between confidence and arrogance. I have no problem with being called arrogant, as it brings a need to back up all claims, which I have done in a convincing manner. In class, I am the first pick of any group discussion or seminar because I bring something to the table that people can’t or won’t do. I have only realized a fragment of inner potential, and I’m sharing it with the world. People must not be familiar with the Allegory of the Cave…because they’re blind. ZING!

The second inconvenient truth ties in nicely with the last, because it involves a girl repeating what was previously stated. Now, when Laura said it, I’m not sure if I gave it too much weight; I listened, but not sure if I ever gave it the proper respect I should have. But when I heard the same thing verbatim from another girl who I am very interested in, I have to stop back and look in the mirror. She said her first impression of me was “arrogant, cocky, full of himself, my way or the highway…” and so forth. Although I brush such comments off, I had to beg the question: if my personality is so sharp, why hang out with me?

Because I enjoy talking to you.

Frankness has a place in society, and it is truly a thankless job. No one will ever toast the guy that says “scorch the earth, win later.” However, once this advice proves beneficial, the origin becomes unimportant. The true slight came when we delved into my personal life a bit more after she expounded upon hers. Why do girls love telling me about the sex they’ve had that more or less won’t involve me unless I go through with Event Omega? I find it disrespectful that I’m considered that good of a friend, but not that good of a friend. It’s very easy for me to decide to cut off girls as friends for this very reason: being an also-ran is not in my plans. After hearing my ears raped assiduously by my new <friend>, she critiqued my mating patterns. Simply put, there is no shame in keeping pursuit if you’re batting 0-1000. And then, she asked me if I had my eye on anyone. I could have sworn I asked if she was single last month; I guess being a friend isn’t worth a bucket of warm spit.

To make matters worse, I fucked up my knee in my dance return. It looks bad; I should probably have it checked out. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

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Old at Heart

As per Independence Day tradition, I went to the Anime Expo, conveniently held in Los Angeles. I’m not sure if I prefer Anaheim or Long Beach, but it has been in the same place for two years; variety would not kill it. I wanted to go, but not necessarily sure I’d have an interest, seeing as I’m not heavily into anime. The atmosphere, however, is amazing, and always brings a tear to my eye. It’s the only place where being a geek is not only acceptable, but the norm. In the middle of a tumultuous tenure as a student and worker, I needed a break. As well, graduation is coming up, and due to an unexpected twist, I could be completely done by December, which was not expected.

The twist is one of my professors publicly invited me to be her assistant in the fall, which would be the last three units I need to complete Rhetorical Studies. I had intended to take another class that would count, but not finish, but hey, shit happens. Hopefully, the class is taught in the spring because I love the concept of civility. However, this will be the killer application on my college application, as teaching experience pays dividends in spades. As well, she’s giving the post of “Assistant to the Editor – Russian Journal of Communication.” I’m stoked enough to consider applying to Harvard, because hey, I’m the “Assistant to the Editor – Russian Journal of Communication.” As if I needed something else to enlarge my ego…at the least, it counterbalances the screwjob work has inflicted on me.

This is where the magic of the Anime Expo kicks in. Due to changing tastes, I was not joined by the usual gang, which irked me to a degree; what is tradition without upholding it? Not sure, but to the same power, people change. As unfortunate as that may be, I still liked the ambiance, and my longest tenured friend came with me. I thought it would be odd with the guy; although we share the same name, the quirky connections just aren’t there.e But weird is beautiful, I suppose. After all, there are enough shenanigans that I could still be entertained if I chose different avenues. Sure enough, I did, and it was a hell of a good time. I did not buy a sword, because sadly, there were none there that caught my interest. I understand that I’m broke, but I will blow money on something I could not live without…like the Captain America shield I’ve been fixated on for the last year. Lo and behold, I did see something on a minor price scale that caught my eye but has also been something I’ve been seeking: a Dragon Ball Z scouter. It does not fit the way I imagined it would (because cartoons are fake, after all), but the sentimental value is off the chart. But what made me feel young again was simple…


Yes, there was a Power Rangers reunion. The shit was epic enough for me to mark out at every catchphrase. I’ve spent so much money over the years on odd Power Ranger swag that I couldn’t help but feel my age drop from 41 to 7. It felt good…all of the originals weren’t there, but there were enough to keep things entertaining. Obviously, Walter Jones was the most popular…funny, he shares his name with a Seattle Seahawks offensive tackle. Yet this wasn’t football, so when he entered, he got an apeshit pop. Straight apeshit, I tell you. I recalled all of my fandom, hanging on to their every words and standing in ovation after each witty comment. The coup de grace for me was when I was allowed to address the panel, proclaiming my sadness when Rocky was left off “Forever Red.” I then proceeded to get booed out the room when I said Rocky was superior to Jason…which was bullshit. I was lying through my teeth, but fuck, I had to suck up. I might not have known they were going to be there, but it was definitely a boost, and probably the greatest thing to happen to me as a Power Rangers fan. While they worked up a frenzy, it was easy to see why I lost faith in the latter seasons; they sucked. After hearing them rip management, they proved they had spines. If I could change one thing, it’d probably be removing Blake Foster from the panel; that little fucker was the beginning of the PR decline.

I encountered old friends, potentially made new ones, and took a crapload of pictures. There were interesting characters (see: women in skimpy outfits), as always. I can honestly say that men need to stop dressing up as women; I voted No on 8, but seriously, I don’t want to see a scrotum protruding from a skirt, for Pete’s sake. Sure, Monday will come and I will be behind two Powerpoints and a case study. Today, however, I was a worry-free kid who fell in love with childhood all over again. With grad school looming, I don’t know how many more days I can have where the biggest struggle is deciding the greatest ranger of all time.

I do know for a fact that it sure as hell wasn’t Justin from Turbo. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

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