Brain Spill

“Being the best means nothing if your balls aren’t getting licked at the end of the night.”

I issued that epic quote a couple of weeks ago after careful analysis of my precarious situation. For starters, I’m quite sure Brienna and I are done, and it’s probably for the best. I came to the conclusion that the friendship was not going where I wanted (as in, progressing backwards than towards a relationship). She informed me of her desire to not have me escort her to class on the grounds she was being incredibly mean (which I refuse to disagree with), and that was that. I preferred the opportunity to end it, but since she did, that has left me quite sullen and bitter. It makes me wonder how much longer I can shake off failure and return without much more than a scarred ego. Again, Hitler concept of world domination is in my head: anyone can take over the world if one bad day occurs.

I’ve officially exhausted my drive for school, and I’m sure it will not return over this spring break. I think the classes have gotten to me the point that everything bleeds into one. Yet again, I will be attempting a full load during the summer and a full load in the fall. My goal is to finish one degree while studying abroad…

Speaking of which, I just checked my degree progress, and I made a grave miscalculation. It turns out another set of classes will not count which forces me to make something happen when the play breaks down. Seeing as I had the same two-step problem with my other major, I rectified the situation in five minutes. More or less, I’ll know where I stand soon enough, but overall, I should be fine if I can shift into fifth gear. Grad checks are coming up, and my advisors should be overjoyed.

Socially, I should be improving, as I have a four weekend schedule of Wrestlemania XXV, salsa anniversary and PWG, the social dance party, and a graduate forum in San Marcos. Not quite sure what I’m looking forward to most, because they all could be intriguing to some mindnumbing degree. However, the social dance party is my personal showcase, and my attire is close to finished. It’s amazing what can be done with a spare $300 if depressed…and since my depressions usually sting, well, I can drown myself in materialism without shame. Although, I did get rather sad when checking Facebook notes and saw that my first middle school crush is pregnant, and another former classmate is expecting her second child. Not saying I want a kid, but damn it, where’s my action?

Hence, my perspective about the social dance party: “being the best means nothing if your balls aren’t getting licked at the end of the night.” Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes “Priceless”


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