Well, 2008 Sucked

Undoubtedly, this year will ring as a colossal failure on my part. Sure, I put myself two years ahead of schedule in school, became a better dancer, and got a better job. However, my relationship status remains single, nullifying any possible gains I could’ve had from this year. Hell, to cap it off, I just learned a girl I had a crush on is a lesbian. She hasn’t been an interest for roughly six months, but still, that was a kicker. I have heard it all, from other guys to other girls to bolting for Down Under. Truly, this is remarkable on so many counts. For everything else I have endured this year, next year is a new slate; whether it is clean or not remains to be seen. I should resolve to change, but I’m better resolving to continue the frenetic pace that has become my defining trademark.

The agenda for next year is simple, just like years past. Girlfriend or bust…without one, the year remains a failure, even if I succeed wildly beyond my intentions. On second thought, there is one exception: Berkeley. If I make it to graduate school there, then fuck everything else. A girl and Berkeley…and a PS3. With those three, I could post the year of all years. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Counting Crows “A Long December”


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