True to Form

School has concluded, and I’m en route to have a moderately stress free winter vacation, all two weeks of it. I’d like to know what it would be like to rein myself in, but I get the feeling that if I did, I’d be lost. Having the brains and willpower to crush planets is a perk, but it must always be nurtured, because if not, well, chaos ensues. More chaos then normal, I’d wager.

I’m relatively dissatisfied with my grades. More bluntly, I’m pissed. I figured that I threw in a fanatical effort in achieving perfection, but I was stopped short by two, possibly three classes. I wonder how this affects my Berkeley aspirations. I’m stuck as I’ve been considerably average in Political Science, compared to the people who are gunning for academic genocide. On the other hand, my Communication Studies grades are remarkably astounding. In short, if I would have divided my classes, I could very well have had a 4.0 this semester. Yet knowing me, I still would’ve had a subpar year, knowing I could have pushed myself harder, and my tendency to play down to the competition if I feel the competition lacks worth. Next semester will be all or nothing, as I’m sure my grad school choices will be less forgiving than me. If only Berkeley didn’t require that foreign language qualification for Rhetoric…

Christmastime is naturally my most depressing state, as a feeling overwhelming solitude pierces my core like a horny businessman with an escort on business. I tried my luck with two girls, and so far, I’ve received coal. In detail, I sent messages pouring out the essence of my being, and the coldest winter ensued. Starting with the funniest (and currently updated), one prospect told me she has to decline my dinner invite, as she is studying abroad in Australia and will not return until the spring of 2010. Now, I gather her intent was sincere, but I’ve never heard a rejection with that excuse…Australia? Kangaroos, koalas, and Andrew Bogut? I like to joke that she left the continent when faced with the possibility of going to dinner with me. While not wholly true, it does create laughter. The second girl will render her decision in a couple of days, or so I think. Despite this, my mother gave me the beastliest gift of all: she ordered a Berkeley sweatshirt. The item will find a starring role in my wardrobe, as my sweatshirt stock has steadily decreased. The fact that it’s the wrong “Berkeley” (“College” instead of “University of California”) does not affect me; my mother actually logged on and found a sweatshirt online. Truly, this makes the holiday come to life.

While I’m definitely single for the foreseeable future, at least my mother made sure I’ll be warm while I wait out the storm. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Nickelback “Gotta Be Somebody”


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