Swing Dancing with Sarah Palin

I returned to the hardwood for perhaps the final countdown. Shook hands with rivals, stretched my aching limbs, and conversed with my partners. Well, everyone except Audy. The speech I had prepared did not have the killer’s edge that I wanted, so I audibled into deafening silence. She hunted me down and forced me to dance with her, but I decided to just go moveset. I only reserve moveset for two occasions: impression and ignorance. This time, it was ignorance. In light of recent developments, I acquired the desired reaction from her, and there will be discussion to understand how to proceed in the future. I”m sure it will be most intriguing.

Thanksgiving was a couple days ago, and I spent it alone. Since I’m borderline manically depressed, I chose to set up camp in Long Beach for the holiday. I joined my family for about ten minutes, but quietly returned when the situation presented itself. The night ended with Del Taco, just as fate intended.

Another day of work, another story to tell. To conclude my holiday, I went swing dancing with a girl from class. I’m very interested; she has a warm personality, and has a passion for dance. However, I knew something was off; very few girls have direct chemistry with a guy like me. It turns out she’s as red as they come.

She’s a Republican. In fact, she’s Sarah Palin.

Her first name is Sarah, so it was fitting. But we got along well enough despite the feeling that I was on a date with my mother. However, I will be exploring future possibilities between us; it could be fun if some barriers could be exterminated. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil Wayne “Let It Rock”


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