Halloween Salsa and Wrestling

Let me preface this by saying twenty-two units is a bitch. No ifs, whats, and buts about it…it’s a bitch. I work hard, I study hard, I tutor hard…I do everything hard. That did not come across the way I wanted, but fairly accurate. After school and work, how does Anthony have fun?

CSULB Halloween Salsa Bash, held on Halloween.

Did I have fun? Yes. There’s nothing quite like teaching a new friend how to salsa, then seeing her subsequently get hit on by every guy in the joint. There’s also nothing quite like having your ass slapped when you’re dancing with people you kinda/sorta/maybe don’t know. Phil’s class is awesome, but there’s something about going to a real salsa place where every guy there has a taste for blood and exist only to upstage the next guy. I did not get upstaged; that’s one of the benefits of having a championship belt as an accessory. Overall, after some Denny’s and talk, I came home and snored, because I had damn near pulled an all-nighter to make it as far as I did. For the record, I came as some crappy version of CM Punk. Knowing that I’m theoretically contradicting the maxims of a straight-edge, the irony made it all worthwhile.

How do I top this?

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Battle of Los Angeles 2008.

I’ve never seen so much blood before. I’ve never seen a ring break live. Bryan Danielson. Chris Hero. Masato Yoshino. Necro Butcher. TJ Perkins. Nigel McGuinness, who was convinced I was gay by the end of the second night. It’s alright, Nigel; just nurse those injuries and you can keep thinking I’m a tosser if that makes you feel any better, you wanker. Best of all, KENNY OMEGA was there. Any wrestler who hails from Pokemon Stadium is cool in my book. The fact that he ate a Canadian Destroyer makes him that much more revered. Good wrestling, good weekend, and I just heard Chris Jericho regained his belt. I swear, it’s like every bad thing I had reversed itself over the weekend. Maybe this string of good luck can continue until I’m appointed Emperor. Or maybe not. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Bonnie Tyler “Holding Out For A Hero”


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