Reconnecting Fun

The smell of laundry detergent greets me when I walk through my room…or maybe that’s the Irish Spring that lingers on my towel. The posters on my wall say hello, and the hanging belt let’s everyone know that I’m quite the maverick. A maverick for what? Change? Big oil? America? Who knows, but that was a particularly crappy McCain dig. On the other hand, McCain is a particularly crappy candidate. Who would’ve thought this guy would’ve fallen off the way he did? Eight years ago, he was decent. Now, he’s a retread. Nothing to do other than to check that to the raisin.

Watched wrestling this week…and it was orgasmic. What’s more fun than watching wrestling with fellow fans and assholes. However, some people should be careful about letting kids watch the stuff; there could be a few people who opt to be offensive beyond a shadow of a doubt. I guess I’m offensive…no, I’m purely offensive. Kiss the belts, bitches. No, don’t kiss the belts…just look at them. You can’t touch them. You can’t touch me.

Work is awesome. I work, joke, and fuck around with customers. It reminds me of Starbucks so much…in a good way. Of course, the old establishment tries to pick on the rookie, but here’s the thing: this isn’t the NFL. Sure, you can pick on a cornerback all day and night if he’s new/sucky; I am neither. I am a rock star. I am not wrong. And please, wipe the drool off your chin; I understand it’s rare that you hear a black male speak with the gusto of a learned man, but it’s nothing new to me. It should not be new to you, either.

I snapped on my mother and sister a few days ago, and the results were not kind. I’m asking for respect, and by doing so, I’m being disrespectful. No, that sounds bad. Sometimes, following others’ logic is a clusterfuck of an event. Despite how wrong the situation is, my mother always feels she’s justified, while other people beg to differ. My sister for all intents and purposes, fucked up. The only point those two argue happens to my accent. Is it really an accent, though? I’m not sure…I just speak the way my teachers instructed in class. But it comes across as elitist. Well, I figure that’s both of their faults if we want to nitpick. Who put me in those schools? Who failed so badly at life that success was the only option for me? Yes, the battle is not hard, but it’s an exercise in moronic practice.

Now, to more good. Jordan and I saw Sex Drive. Nonstop laughter for about two hours. It was a great way to cap the week. Scratch that, getting a stock of liquids from my aunt was a great way to cap the week. I’m up to my ass in cider and lemonade. I’m in relatively great spirits considering my mother didn’t cook for me for the first time this year. What’s that? What about the middle of the week? Hmmm…

School and work. I had a couple of midterms this week, and for the most part, they were alright. I have a new Jesus freak as a stalker. That is NOT cool. I try to keep some sort of religious faith, but I’ll be damned if I’m not leaning completely atheist with the amount of religious nuts I’ve encountered lately. I’m not staring into another guy’s eyes, whether I know him or not. I’m not going to your church retreat when I could attempt to get laid. I’m not going to your church because football is on Sundays. More or less, I’m not going to embrace your beliefs because my beliefs are open-ended enough to encompass everything without being catastrophically judgmental. I belong to a church that has a sect of one. One of the most powerful tenets that my sect recognizes is offensive negotiation: if someone infringes upon you, don’t hesitate for payback. Tomorrow, payback begins.

But better, Thursday I went dancing. It sucked. I pulled absolutely nothing. Since I worked up a sweat, I decided to grab a burger. Seeing my friend’s car in the parking lot, I pulled in. We spoke for a couple minutes, and I invited her to an early morning meal. Sure enough, Laura left work at 2AM and we dined and joked. I enjoy having downtime to enjoy with friends who I rarely see, especially those who are offensively attractive. We major in the same discipline. We both like things done our way. More importantly, we enjoy each other’s company. However, we don’t see enough of each other. So, the plan is this: I invited her to join me where I am most comfortable: the salsa floor. If it sucks, we can always grab food, then bring it back to Los Kentuckos. Oh yes, I established residence at SHIELD, and I named the surrounding area Los Kentuckos. Maybe Laura will like Los Kentuckos enough to take a mini vacation. We have all the amenities required: lots and lots of cider. Score! Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard “Agent of Chaos”


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