Last Falconry

Fatigue has set in as my day finally concludes. Bordering on being a straight edge, I could use a nice, cold refreshing beer. Tense, ornery, confused. That sums up my outlook, because this year is long. When I’m at Berkeley earning a doctorate, how will I feel? YES, YES! I AM ALIVE!

Ahem, back to the regularly scheduled entry. I’m currently in a state of want, as in, I want things. A PS3 would be nice. A shiny Intercontinental Title wouldn’t hurt. A friend (or group of friends) that knows where and how to party would prove useful. Finally, a girl to spend time and money on could serve me well.

Being alone sucks. A lack of timely television programs only amplifies problems. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Heart “Barracuda”


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