Conspiracy of One: Servant’s Desire

I just concluded watching Bob Saget’s roast. If I’m to believe everything I heard, he’s one of the sickest human beings on the planet. At the same time, he told everyone to fuck themselves at the end of his show. Only a ballsy individual would dare say that to his adoring public, but Saget’s that kind of guy. I am that kind of guy. I can’t wait to be lauded only to rip everyone a new asshole. In the same vein, I want people to be confused of my intentions; am I serious or not? For the record, let’s pretend I’m not.

My last week of summer school is here, granting a slight vacation to my weary psyche. And hell if I’m not weary. Weary enough to temporarily defect to the Filipino culture. I returned to the club from last week for the parting of my rival. It started off slow, but of course, my chutzpah returned to me and shit hit the fan. I taught a few people how to dance, made a few crude jokes, and piloted a group that fucked over the old Filipino establishment. I don’t know what the hell they called themselves doing, but watch the younger kids to figure out how to Mambo No. 5. Also, do not pervert the Caribbean Cowboy. One last note, if you try to have one of your generation-specific dances, rest assured, we’ll up the ante. Your BPM is no match for our frenetic style of play.

Somehow, I’m reminded that in the fall, I’m by myself…literally. I operated slightly right-of-center when line dancing. This time around, the center console belongs to me. Should it really? Odds are, I’ll yell at everyone for not using proper spelling, grammar, syntax…and not having fun while dancing. More or less, I’ll have to assume the mantle and rule with an iron sleeved hand. I’ll also have to get over the fact Leo Sayer has an extremely high pitch for a male singer. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Leo Sayer “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing”


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