Conspiracy of One: An Acquaintance’s Demise

I’m a student in over my head, and trying to swim deeper into the blue. One atrociously hard summer school course has me scrambling to find an answer. A petition I desperately want passed is a double-edged sword, as in I lose either way. However, I like the risk vs. gain potential, so I’m letting it ride. Finally, I should be at Comic-Con right now on some sort of vacation, but thanks to a few curveballs, I’m here instead. Reading a flurry of messages on my Facebook left me with some startling news. I use the term “startling” vs. “shocking” because I’m not surprised at death, but rather unsettled when it comes. Yes, this concerns death. Daniel Swiggum, former classmate, is gone.

Now, my thoughts on this guy is a bit mixed, as I’d like to hear more details; hearing “motorcycle accident” is not enough. Either way, concentrating on details isn’t my point. I’m supposed to be saddened by this, as we competed on five sports teams together…two track, two wrestling, one football. He was one of the few other guys in my freshman English Honors course, and a joker. I figured he’d be the only one from the school to have a decent shot at an athletic career. One thing led to another, unfortunately, and this is his fate. A stunning fall from grace, because I thought he had the talent to make it. Despite this waste of potential, why am I not sad?

I figure it’s because he picked on me often, him and his damn friends. The hazing I underwent at their expense was ridiculous, and emotionally jarring. The first big time was during track, where my mother grew concerned and asked the school to intervene. It was embarrassing, though necessary. The next year, he was part of the group that fucked with me based on the fact they were good athletes, and I wasn’t. I caught plenty of hell dealing with him.

And now, he’s gone. I’m not going to become emotional over this, because people like him pushed me to getting as far away from El Segundo as possible. Yet, sometimes, he was a decent person, but not enough to make me forget. The question I pose to death is “who’s next?”

If my input mattered, I have a request I’d like to submit. Skibbedebebop. Much later

Current Track – Sounds Under Radio “Portrait of a Summer Thief”


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