Conspiracy of One: Seeking Gold

I survived my first session of summer school by acing both classes. Hmm…maybe “survived” is too strong of a term. Forgive me, allow me to start again…

I ABUSED my first session of summer school by acing both classes. The first class left little doubt; the second one did leave a few, albeit it needless. I can’t recall a time that I showed such transcending abilities in the classroom, except for the last twenty years…but I digress. The basic class led me to a party that was interesting for a couple of reasons: one, I think I’m just not a beer person (shocking) and two, I’m only good for partying when there’s dancing involved. Again, stoners are interesting. I’m all for legalizing the stuff, but the mental “awareness” people have under the influence is troubling. No, I’m not quite sure I follow how “everything is energy”, but yes, if I keep you high, taking over the country will be easier than a Vietnamese hooker. ZING!

Single room in the fall. I’m excited. Well, I’d be more excited if I could put my Soul Edge on display, because it’d reinforce just how lethal I can be. But before I can get there, I have one more summer school course that just seems like a bitch. I glanced over the reading material (boring, as expected), but then the syllabus drew me to the realization of “I’m fucked.” Thankfully, six weeks will fly by shortly, because my research tells me it may be slim pickings in class. I must hand it to Al Gore for inventing the internet; without it, I may never have known some girls were way older than me.

Possibly four more weeks until my mouth is devoid of metal. Raise a glass of cider; with a single dorm room and one geek characteristic taken away, my room will truly become the Palace of Wisdom. That reminds me, I keep flip-flopping my base identifiers. Some days my room at home is SHIELD, while other times, my dorm room has that distinction. I should settle on that before school starts. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Joshua Radin “Winter”


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