Conspiracy of One: Celtic Pride and Prejudice

I made a good pun. Now I can die in peace.

Celtics won the title, and I’m satisfied. There’s nothing quite like breaking out anything Boston related to piss off my state. If I didn’t think cancer was a bad thing, I’d light up a cigar like Red Auerbach. Instead, drinking a spot of tea is suitable for this sort of celebration.

Halfway through summer school at a breakneck pace. What have I learned? Nothing. How am I doing in the classes? Great, especially when I liberally defend same-sex marriage while coming off as chauvinist pig. Lesbians rock, and a lack of straight guys benefit me. Or I could run into a bisexual lesbian…what was the subject again?

While getting lunch for myself, I ran into my ex-boss. She tried to joke that work sucked, but she failed miserably. Later, I get a call telling me that another one of my comrades is deserting ship. A small assembly later, I grab cider, eulogize her, toast, and now, she’s done. I talked to Licet and reminisced about old times; there was a lot of shit that we did, including snapping towels at each other without getting pissed and having the other fired. ZING! The condition of the store is laughable, because it no longer has a soul. I guess getting fired was a blessing in disguise, because everyone else left shortly thereafter. Nicole may not have been perfect, yet at the same time, we all were united. We all threatened to quit under Nicole, but we never did; we never threatened to quit under Denita, yet we’re all gone. Well, that’s a stretch, because we all conspired to leave in advance. Now they’re opening a store maybe a mile away. I could theoretically get my job back, but since I can’t go back with my full team, my closers who trademarked “having fun”… there’s no going back. Besides, I think I’ll like being a loan shark.

Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Coldplay “Viva La Vida


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