Conspiracy of One: School’s Out, and I’m Going Back

School ended two days ago. I’m not going to say I did as well as I wanted to, but I will say I survived. At the worst, my GPA will be down to 3.0, which isn’t bad, considering I had to deal with a couple of basic courses that had nothing to do with my aims. Maybe I’ve mellowed in recent months…nah, that can’t be it. I’m not exactly sure I can mellow. Either way, this semester mercifully came to a close and so far, my crowning achievement is barely passing Oceanography.

If anything, I’ll probably miss dancing as often as I did. Dancing went from being just a fun way to work out stress to being my reason for living. I’ll try to hit a few clubs this summer, preferably of the salsa or swing variety; hip-hop clubs don’t work for me anymore. They never did to begin with.

Friends have departed back to their homes; some I’ll see again, while others remain in my memory. The people I’ll see again are on notice that I’ll be back and better. The ones that have left is a mixed bag; my dance allies will be greatly missed, because I am now solely in charge of dominating the hardwood. Odd to think, but Jared going back home hit me much differently than I thought it would. When I first heard the news, I was mildly saddened, because I thought his reasons were faulty. Over time, I’ve grown to loathe the guy, and I accept that going home was best…for all of us. Is that the sign I’ve become a coldblooded person? Could be; some people say that bad habits people have make them endearing. I personally feel those people are morons.

Myron retired from Starbucks. Who’s next?

I’m twenty years old now, and I got my first piece of action. I can’t get specific about what did and didn’t happen, but I’m sure my concentration should not have been on watching ESPN. There were no televisions.

I’m back home, moved in and all. It’s good sleeping on a bed that doesn’t exacerbate problems. It’s also good hanging with Brandon and Jordan, even if one of them is a damn Lakers fan. I’ll convert all the nonbelievers in due time. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Fat Joe feat. Lil Wayne “Make It Rain”


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