Conspiracy of One: Seething

When I look in the mirror, I see a hairstyle that was better in concept than it was in practice. But that’s every hairstyle, so I get to laugh it off and see what comes next.

Being a bitter individual allows me to feel situations appropriately, with the liberated rage of a thousand suns. More accurately, I think about my social life, or my relationship status as it appears today. Single. As it has been for the past 20 years. I was digging through my files and found an email Emma sent me when I learned she was dating Umbenhaur. The first thing I noticed was a grammar error that I used to only make while pissed, but it comes more often these days. It took me a bit to digest the feelings I had six, going on seven years ago…the same feelings I’m encountering now. If I’ve learned one thing, it would probably be to avoid any girl who I once liked but is now off the market. Too many feelings flood my mind when I see them now.

Cases in point, Christine and Katherine have been in my thoughts recently, and I can’t say they’ve been pleasant. My eyes grow heavy, focused, crimson. Maybe because both of them are off the market officially, crushing vague thoughts I may have had of rekindling what never existed. One minute, I’m daydreaming in a meadow of serenity; the next, I’m channeling fire through seams caused by raw passion. It’s scary when fire is my emotion, because that means I’m pissed off more than anything. A good sign would have been telekinesis; fire means I’ve stepped into the darkness and didn’t bother looking back. Sort of like Superman-Prime.

Moreover, I need a job. Desperately. The sooner I get back to work, the sooner I can live off my own sweat and stop concentrating on what I’ve been able to block out. That, and the fact that I get better grades when work stresses me out. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

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Conspiracy of One: School’s Out, and I’m Going Back

School ended two days ago. I’m not going to say I did as well as I wanted to, but I will say I survived. At the worst, my GPA will be down to 3.0, which isn’t bad, considering I had to deal with a couple of basic courses that had nothing to do with my aims. Maybe I’ve mellowed in recent months…nah, that can’t be it. I’m not exactly sure I can mellow. Either way, this semester mercifully came to a close and so far, my crowning achievement is barely passing Oceanography.

If anything, I’ll probably miss dancing as often as I did. Dancing went from being just a fun way to work out stress to being my reason for living. I’ll try to hit a few clubs this summer, preferably of the salsa or swing variety; hip-hop clubs don’t work for me anymore. They never did to begin with.

Friends have departed back to their homes; some I’ll see again, while others remain in my memory. The people I’ll see again are on notice that I’ll be back and better. The ones that have left is a mixed bag; my dance allies will be greatly missed, because I am now solely in charge of dominating the hardwood. Odd to think, but Jared going back home hit me much differently than I thought it would. When I first heard the news, I was mildly saddened, because I thought his reasons were faulty. Over time, I’ve grown to loathe the guy, and I accept that going home was best…for all of us. Is that the sign I’ve become a coldblooded person? Could be; some people say that bad habits people have make them endearing. I personally feel those people are morons.

Myron retired from Starbucks. Who’s next?

I’m twenty years old now, and I got my first piece of action. I can’t get specific about what did and didn’t happen, but I’m sure my concentration should not have been on watching ESPN. There were no televisions.

I’m back home, moved in and all. It’s good sleeping on a bed that doesn’t exacerbate problems. It’s also good hanging with Brandon and Jordan, even if one of them is a damn Lakers fan. I’ll convert all the nonbelievers in due time. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

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Conspiracy of One: Dancing Under the Moonlight with Iron Man

A few quick notes before my birthday strikes Tuesday follows after this comment.

Two weeks ago was hell week when it came to dance. There was a salsa party on Wednesday, followed by the social dance party Friday. I had a particular interest in the social dance party, as a buddy of mine was having his last hurrah. Therefore, I chose to be a bastard and “retire” him. In order to proceed with this nefarious quest, I had to get in game shape quickly because I’ve been rather rusty this semester. Salsa served to help at least with stamina, but nearly killed my drive due to my rather intermediate status as a salsa dancer. Thankfully, my event came Friday where the whole retirement angle was on full display. I had a public workout a few short hours beforehand where I decided to channel my inner Kurt Angle and wear the Belichick sleeveless shirt, mesh shorts, and boxing tape. Needless to say, I shocked the hell out of everyone. Of course the workout was smooth, but someone made a comment that I looked like a bum.

Enter the Shaman of Sexy.

I went back to the cave, took an invigorating shower, styled the hair (two-toned, a la Nick Fury), threw on clothes fit for a champion, and wore the belt of a champion. The crowd bowed in awe of my aura. On the other end, my buddy Marco decided to have his title along with him, which was a pleasant shock. My belt was bigger. Ha. All in all, I rocked the masses, had my way with any girl I chose, and overall…I cemented my status as the leader of the next generation. Screw that, I lead the last generation and this one as well.

Last night, or should I say this morning, we, as in Brandon, Jordan, and myself, went to see Iron Man. It is quite possibly the best adaptation ever made. Throwing in Nick Fury at the end was a nice touch, although that made my hairstyle a bit outdated since Samuel L. Jackson was bald. Damn.

To balance out all the good news, my female prospects seem to be crashing worse than Bear Stearns. My sources indicate that two of them are off the market. I’m relatively pissed, but I can see things coming; precognition is a great ability to foster. Birthday’s in a couple of days, and I wonder how I’ll celebrate. Perhaps a bottle of cider will satisfy, followed by another grueling year of hard work. No rest for the weary, I suppose. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

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