Conspiracy of One: Slowly Burning

Spring break without working definitely isn’t my idea of fun. I have too much energy that doesn’t seem to dissipate efficiently without stimuli. Needless to say, this whole rest and relaxation thing is not quite grinding my gears; I’m better off burning myself out in activity.

Yet, there’s a particular story I have to tell. So, hunting down my father has been coming along easily, yet still merits a fair share of headaches. Being the proficient stalker I am (stalking family has to be a new low; they should always be accessible), I’ve managed to nag him enough that he’s going to submit. Not to me, though; he requested to meet with my mother. He declared me crazy and does not want any future interaction with me. Under normal circumstances, I’d feel very sad, depressed even.

On the other hand, I never had a relationship with the guy. He was never supportive of me during my childhood, and proved to be difficult now, even though what I desire is free. Never wanting to deal with me again? I’ll live. If he wants an intermediary, fine by me, because I believe I’ll only require his assistance once more. After that, the question of his life or death will not provide a tear in my eye. This is the greatest moment of my life…God bless you, Ric Flair.

Where was I? Oh yes, delivering three superkicks to any thoughts of a paternal bond with my father. Unlike the Flair/Michaels match, I don’t think I’ll hesitate in delivering the final blow, nor will I be mouthing “I’m sorry…I love you.”

Nah, just a nice, nasty superkick. In lighter news, talked to one of my favorite ex-coworkers today. Funny guy, that Myron. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Mercy Fall “Hell Will Be Callin’ Your Name”


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