Conspiracy of One: Easter and Love

So, it’s Easter. It’s different having the holiday in March, considering I’m used to seeing celebration in April. I forgot about the holiday multiple times, and am pleased that I remember it today. Still, tradition is one thing…I haven’t felt this odd since they had WrestleMania X8 on St. Patrick’s Day. Speaking of the Showcase of the Immortals…

Jordan and I trekked to Fullerton this week to visit Brandon. His attitude towards the show was depressing, yet in hindsight, made me question my anticipation of a very predictable (see: fake) event. I figure that even though the authenticity of the show is a farce, it still entertains me. More than I can say for Total Nonstop Action, though…watching that show is akin to punishment.

Punishment: the goal of Tekken. I had no idea that we played for a few hours. It was beating after beating after beating, yet, it was still enjoyable. The ante was upped when Jordan stole my signature four-kick combo with Lee, then proceeded to flick me off afterwards. When that happened, I knew for a fact I had to destroy him in the next round, which I proceeded to do by being extraordinarily cheap and dickish. I thought I had the asshole gimmick golden beforehand, but after that round, my actions screamed “go fuck yourself.” I lost the match, and didn’t win many other matches, but I was satisfied. I devastated him for one good round, and everything else became meaningless. He went on a massive win streak after, and it was much more pleasing to watch him and Lane duke it out, because I laughed myself out of competition.

We played a bit of Marvel vs. Capcom 2, and as always, Brandon killed us. However, I pulled off three Venom Webs, and two Raging Demons. It was fitting, considering both of them said I was going to raise the Antichrist. Percival Benoit Guy doesn’t sound like the kind of guy that’d make Hitler look like Mother Theresa…who am I kidding? I’d stay away from the prick myself. He prefers to be called Perry, but for some reason, they liked to call him Percy. And Percy doesn’t take shit like that from anyone. In some sadistic dimension, he’d end up taking advantage of both of my friends’ daughters, then smoking a cigarette lined with gasoline afterwards. That’s my son.

In dance, I’m becoming more of a threat. I’ve been working my mouth along with my feet, and I could be All-World in a few short years. I guess because since I’m truly back on the market without any restrictions, I have to get better.

Why am I back on the market fully? I took a risk with my friend with benefits, and I’ll be damned if it didn’t blow up in my face. I’m good, though…I was way too happy, and if I’m happy, I can’t necessarily be the dominator I’m destined to be. Besides, the whole experience was nice, but I’d like an attached significant other at this point; coincidentally, I’ve located a few prospects in dance class.

I think I may be getting back to mid-season form, with a few added upgrades, such as being able to excuse myself from all thought in a few short moments. Sure, my metabolism is killing me and it appears with lost weight, I’m considerably weaker than I should be. What better way to ignore this? Shoot the breeze with my best friends and kick it old school. Although there’s one thing: there’s no wrestling shows that I’d care to watch twice in one week, and damn Lane did it to us twice. Maybe there’s something to this relaxing thing, because everyone who knows me well enough says that when I get another job, it’ll be another few years before I take a break again. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Britney Spears feat. T.I. “Gimme More (remix)”


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