Conspiracy of One: Our Legacy

Legacy: anything handed down from the past.

What is my legacy? I would like to think that it describes a thriving warrior-king who is now intending to add “philosopher” to that title. I want to bestow my history, what I hold near and true, on the world for public knowledge. But how do I go about this mission?

By emphasizing the warrior in me.

I’ve been beaten senseless by a system that likes to beat people senseless. I once was lost, but now, I just refuse to use a roadmap. This is how I intend my legacy to be, because this is the only way I can assure myself of immortality. The legacies of our forefathers are deliciously rich in history, cliche, and triumph. I want to be better than my forefathers, and their forefathers before them. In order to do that, I have to construct the performance of a lifetime. The blood, sweat, and tears…all of that will be captured in a glorious hurrah, eclipsing the beauty of aurora borealis, and the dedication of Chief Justice Earl Warren. This is how I intend to stake my claim to Cal, Duke, Harvard, or anywhere I damn well please.

I am knocking on immortality’s door; my legacy will remain in my place.

Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Santino Marella “La Vittoria e Mia”


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