Conspiracy of One: Storyboard

Well, it’s been a couple of trying days. Civil wars have been fought and won, while other battles for stability have just begun. In the process, I’ve figured out the titles for the two cynical crime stories I’ll be writing whenever I get a chance: “Civil War” and the smash sequel, “Civil War: Legitimacy”. They sound pretty bad ass…considering I’m borrowing names from comic heroes, it had better be bad ass.

Well, let’s start with the bad, because of course, bad news should always precede good news. Work, as duly noted, has stressed me out beyond considerable belief. I want hours, because without hours, I’m bored and near penniless. I pretty much hit my breaking point Wednesday night after seeing the scant amount of hours bestowed. Luckily for El Segundo, that was averted due to one of my favorite customers bringing me a three cases of Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider. My mood improved considerably, and I even toasted my friends with the cheer “let the good times roll.” I have two cases left; I know not how long I’ll allow them to last. For the most part, I’m growing accustomed to work again, but I’m still pondering how much longer I’ll be needed in El Segundo.

However, the big news starts near the end of Thursday and segues nicely into Friday morning.

Taking into my extreme bachelor hood, the necessary hideout afforded by Parkside Commons hasn’t been truly utilized. However, I happened to draw the attention of Lauren, a former dance partner from class. She was bored, and I was as well, so she suggested we hang out after she finished the tasks at hand. I said sure, and so, I wait patiently by the phone for a bit. Time ticks late, and I figure she forgot, so I’m preparing to head to sleep; I showered, so hey, I’ll be fresh for class tomorrow. Before I could turn in, she sends me a text message saying she’ll be over in fifteen minutes. Needless to say, I was out of bed and dressed in ten. She came by, parked her car, and I drove us to Denny’s. It was rather unremarkable except for the fact that I ran into Lionel and Joy, and refused to acknowledge the guy. With this in mind, he sat at my table during breakfast and we made amends of sorts. Still don’t trust the guy, though. Thus, back to Lauren and the climax/denouement of my tale.

She states that she’d never seen the dorms before, so I invite her to #Q215 for a bit of talking. I popped a couple bottles of cider, to which we drank and laughed. In anticipation of divine intervention, I made my bed nice and neat and cleared off anything and everything extra in a not so discreet manner. So, we’re sitting on my bed, talking, simultaneously moving closer and closer until…

Hell, I can’t make moves. I suck at it. I’ve watched countless hours of game tape from Dawson’s Creek and Boy Meets World. She laughs at my incredulity…or is the correct word ineptitude? I digress. Either way, I found out by no means would this be easy. I kept making attempts which turned out to be faux pas after faux pas. Luckily for me, Lauren was pulling for me to succeed. I threw on some soft music, dimmed the lights, and we just talked. I may can’t be Don Juan outside of a notebook, but I can definitely talk. So we talked. I brought out some funny issues, saying I beat the world champion of chess Garry Kasparov and rode on a ride with a guy masquerading as a CIA operative. Sure enough, I search for Kasparov Alta Vista and Omega Boost on Youtube, and voila, the commercials are still there. So we continued to talk…and drew near each other whilst maintaining eye contact. At first, there was hesitance on her part because she can usually make guys flinch. I’m not like those guys. Once realized, she still thought it was fun, so we kept playing our game of chicken…

And we made out in my dorm room under dimmed lights to music from my iPod at three o’clock in the morning.

My roommate came home at four, so I proceeded to walk her to her car, enjoying the moment. I can honestly say kissing is the best form of intimacy. First time completely, holistically making out with a girl…was awesome. Freaking awesome. My gamble paid off; I was starting to have doubts about moving on campus. Now, it has paid dividends…and I will definitely re-up next year. Friday was a damn good day; waking up for class in six hours, though, was a bitch.

My day ended with judging debates and convincing my mother that it happened. May the sun shine on the Godhand. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Cam’ron “Hey Ma”


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