Conspiracy of One: Paging Dr. Frankenstein

I’m a teacher first and foremost, or at least that’s how I fancy myself. A teacher lives to see achievement in their pupils; if that’s not the case, the teacher should find a new profession. Anyway, the worst case scenario has occurred:

I’m starting to loathe my star pupil.

Jared and I don’t really see eye to eye these days, or at the very least familiarity is breeding contempt on my part. To think, I took the guy when he was a meek loner and gave him a voice. Literally, I picked him off the bench and tried to give the guy some charisma. He was always smart, but for fuck’s sake, he wouldn’t know charisma if it stormed the ring wearing a leather jacket. With my input, he actually talks to people, girls, etc. As I rack my brain trying to figure out where the schism began, I tend to think he became too self-aware in the sense that he crossed the line between cynical to full-on bastard. Last time I checked, the aim was to tread that line very carefully: one side leads to lack of credibility, the other a lack of respect. Or something along those lines.

He became way too comfortable in his shell; I started noticing it when he wouldn’t stop addressing the aesthetics of commentators on ESPN. Mind you, I love ESPN, and I’m not watching it to check out guys. It took considerably more time than I preferred, but I offered him the opportunity to leave my realm if it was too much. Then there was the notice that he wouldn’t be returning in the fall. Scratching my head, I came to one conclusion:

This effort and investment is coming around to kick my ass.

After that, I basically wrote the guy off as temporary; commitment is four years, maybe five for most. Considering he’s breaking that for a reason that doesn’t come close to feasible, he’s damn near persona non grata in my book. The only difference is respect, because I’m sure I don’t like or trust him.

Now, it’s back to the basics: two girls on my list, and money in my wallet. Reinventing the wheel is always fun when I keep a spare in my closet. Speaking of throwing things in the closet, I think I may need to have my roommate removed; I don’t need two self-assured weasels in my dominion. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Collie Buddz “SOS”


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