Conspiracy of One: When All Else Fails…

Go to work on your day off for Valentine’s Day. Which is an odd story in itself.

Starting with the truth and symbolism, people who know me know I can’t stand Valentine’s Day or Christmas, due to hearts and mistletoes, respectively. Some people declare it Single’s Awareness Day, but I’d like to think of something much more…sinister. However, as I’m not anti-capitalism, it wouldn’t involve anything with money.

So Jared nailed Lyric last night…there’s a joke in there somewhere.

As for myself, I spent time doling out flowers to a couple of people: my mother and Amy. Shocked the hell out of both them, because I’m known to be a romantic, yet not compassionate. My mother told me it was a refreshing gift considering everything lately. Somehow, I’m not sure if Amy was happy, surprised, or troubled. Don’t really care though, considering it took a lot to clear my conscience of that.

So after that, I go to work to pay a visit, where the store remains in chaos. It’s fitting how a chaotic person can calm the chaos within a store, which is what I did. I can’t remember the last time I was nauseatingly nice to people, but I digress. I guess working behind the counter wearing a (cue symbolism) red jersey with the number half the date is enough to make me grin. A couple of other coworkers came in, a visit from the cops, and a late night depiction of a phallus on a car named for an equestrine animal…it’s the stuff dreams are made of.

I’m also a learning coach at work now. I think my official name will now be Anthony Guy, LC. That has a pompous ring to it. Here’s to next year, and getting a peck this year. Skibbedebebop. Much later

Current Track – Tony Harnell “It Doesn’t Matter”


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