Conspiracy of One: Return to Parkside

Watching TMZ, I realize that maybe this life isn’t as cracked up as it should be. First week back to school has been refreshing, but at the same time, I haven’t slept much. I could probably blame the new roommate for such, but I won’t, because honestly, I could be an insomniac. If only I could be a spy being deprived of sleep…they would NEVER crack me.


But back to being me, I think the adjectives that describe me are the same: bitter, brash, and pensive. Since I’m single, the first adjective remains true; also, the fact that Jared has a different perspective on politics and other gneral Guy philosophy. Brash pertains to my return to social dance. I told all the girls that they’d be fighting to dance with me, and as always, I did not disappoint. Potential opportunity Keri was there, but I may have to scratch off my list; I don’t exactly think rookies should be in an intermediate class, let alone try to come off as they belong. With that said, I’m pensive about one and two: deeply troubled, actually. I’m a diehard believer in respect, because respect is the foundation on which society was built. While I may not like certain institutions, I respect them because they came before me, and I aim to become an institution to be respected. Jared and Keri do not understand this concept. When a teacher asks us to do something in order, we do it as asked; if not, the teacher has a right to fail us. If someone tries to show you how the flow of the atmosphere is supposed to proceed, you don’t blow them off if they have intricate knowledge of the matter. The most beautiful thing involves learning, learning, and learning. There is never a moment where we can stop learning, and in order to learn, we have to respect the source.

If not, then when I become the institution, I will not hesitate in showing those people the “respect” they deserve. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Goo Goo Dolls “Full Forever”


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