Conspiracy of One: Sleeping Like a Bat

Crown me king for the moment, and I just might retire into the night, just as fate intended. Considering my unworldly ability to pinpoint information I crave in seconds, I wonder how did this game become so…easy. I want to know a fact, I instantly know how to obtain it. It grows rather unfulfilling if you stare down a blitz and know that you’ll trip the guy coming to sack you. In the old days, I’d scramble away, progressing to the point where I can just stand here, stick my foot out, tap the defender on the head with my ball, and find my slot receiver in the end zone.

I realize that my thoughts are for the world’s eyes only; it’s odd reading someone else’s thoughts that are on display as well. Not per se a kindred spirit, but someone I just met and now have a great insight into her life. I thought she may not have been on my level of thought due to the way our conversation was mired in syntax errors; I was wrong. Her writing style is reminiscent of mine minus the sobriety and self-assurance that would draw instant heat in the real world. I believe the word she used to refer to me was “stalker”. Fitting, she’s only known me for one day and has figured out that I’m a detective.

Reading someone else’s life makes me put mine in perspective; after all, I have roughly five years worth of stuff here. The good times are there, like Comic-Con and my poetry reading, and so are the bad times, like finding Emma was dating Ryan Umbenhaur. Come to think of it, there were a shitload of bad times, but I sustained myself with the constant belief I’d somehow dominate everyone in a few years. Needless to say, I’m way ahead of schedule…so far in fact, I continually outdo myself beyond reasonable belief. I don’t have to believe in myself to pass through a situation; I merely have to stop myself from overshooting my goals.

So it’s fun to hear about someone boozing and whatnot half a country away. Of course, it makes me skeptical to see if this person has any potential…like the others that have come and gone. Again, going through my posts, or maybe not so much, I think of the girls I’ve pursued.

Stacy Calderon – Tried to impress her with language skill, the whole class ends up wanting my tutelage.
Laura Robinson – Displayed speech to win her over, instead, the whole class stands in awe.
Kiersten Stadelmann – Not really a pursuit, but I tried to impress her; the whole class laughs uncontrollably.
Katelyn Ciarelli – Being an expert in a beginner’s class should afford you more than a partner’s good grade.

Each time, my aim is in an academic setting: I’m a sucker for learning. While I seek a female companion, the classroom is not hospitable to my demands. I end up drawing everyone’s collective attention (including the instructor), but my triumph is unintentional. I pass the class in remarkable fashion, but I fail the course I aspired to stay. I only spoke up in my ethics class to impress a couple of girls, but the only one I impressed was the teacher. The rest of the class hated me, so I took out my frustration on them by saying they’d be sacrificed if my will was to be done.

This is basically it. Why do I write? Because I’ve the fingers of a deity. Now, I must continue analyzing her strengths and weaknesses; after all, I am still on the prowl. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Kurt Angle “Gold Metal”


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