Conspiracy of One: Scheduled for One Fall

People have the ability to choose their destiny if they realize it promptly. In the same breath, people can also predict the destiny of others with sufficient observation. Jordan and I conducted an experiment on the subject using a yearbook, and voila, you hear unflattering news a year later. Our fates lie within the choices we make.

With that said, work was pretty unusual in the sense that everyone I worked with saw it coming. Some people are conflicted. Some, I suspect, are overjoyed. I fall into neither category; rather, I saw it coming and I’ll proceed like business as usual. When I received the call this morning to conduct business as usual, I thought I’d be on the wrong end of the line.

To my complete ironic surprise, I was given Partner of the Month, and a new barista to train. How ’bout them apples?

Shooting down the end my day would be the last five minutes of work. Someone makes a snippy comment to me, I respond even snippier, which leads to me getting a lecture. Considering the circumstances (as in, no one remarked about what the other person said) and the fact that I had been asked by the lecturer to switch with the offender a day previous, I am a bit unhinged. Thus, when it came to reconciliation time, I decided to stick with current Godhand policy and decline entertainment. Straining relationships will ensue, I’m sure, but I don’t have to pay dues for services I provide.

Another thing, my mother mentioned something to me about being a preacher. A former dream, yes, but these days, I’d most likely go to hell if I became a minister due to the controversy I’d cause. I know for a fact Southern Baptists would crucify me…that is, unless I burned them at the stake first. Valentine’s Day shortly, must prepare date. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Lostprophets “Rooftops”


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