Conspiracy of One: Charging to San Diego

School starts in a fortnight, and I haven’t truly done anything that would make people say “wow.” Between work and work, I’ve done nothing. However, a chance visit by a couple of former co-workers prompted me to do something crazy:

Drive two hours to San Diego for a three hour party after work.

I went, and I had fun. Girls in San Diego are quite the interesting breed: smart, enthusiastic, and most importantly, not bitchy. In an environment where I knew two people, I salvaged a great experience. At first, I was down on myself because the girls didn’t seem to be biting; Aaron Horning decided it’d be funny to just jump behind two random girls, even though he had a girlfriend. Sure enough, it worked, and that was the shot of confidence I needed. A few more girls came and went, and my night was done. One girl made a funny comment, noting my moves are not typical of anyone from San Diego. What can I say? I’m not from San Diego. The only downer of the party was that John Lear was not allowed in…that pissed me off. We would’ve cracked bad jokes all night.

I camped out at Aaron’s apartment afterwards, where I froze my ass off. However, I was able to catch the breathtaking beauty of UC San Diego. It is truly a beautiful campus worth a two hour drive. Speaking of which, I put 200 miles on my car in less than a day. I love the open road, and an iPod that carries thousands of tracks. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Kid Rock “Forever”


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