Conspiracy of One: The Beginning Ends With a Close

I begin this year as I’ve begun many previously: searching for answers, disgruntled with work, too many successes, but one glaring misstep. Existentialist bullshit, I’m sure, but it’s all I have for the night, possibly the rest of the year.

Last night, I concluded business with Katherine. By concluded, I mean we came to terms why we grew apart. She’s a real sharp cookie, probably the only girl I did scout correctly, although I didn’t scout…much, anyway. It turns out we were nothing more than glorified conversation buddies. We both got what we wanted in the end; she received talking, and I had company. Was that truly what we wanted? There couldn’t possibly be anything more I wanted, could there? No. A fitting demise to…conversation.

Work damn near killed me. In a span of one day, I spent two-thirds of it at work. I feel broken, weak, and used…like a bad condom. Probably made of sheepskin, even though in reality, I’m disguised in blackface. Am I a star in some glorified minstrel show? That fits the ticket. I want a girlfriend. I want free time. Most importantly, I need to stay focused.

This year is off to one positively killer start, no? Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – John Lennon “How Do You Sleep?”


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