Conspiracy of One: Sophomore Hiatus

First semester of second year is over. Concluded with a screwjob and a bang. Screwjob: teacher decided that it’d be funny to dismiss a completely invincible argument, costing me a perfect grade. Bang: the poetry reading of a lifetime. For both events, The Godhand transformed into the Star-Spangled Asshole. That’s right, the red, white, and blue were prominently displayed on my blessed scalp.

Jared’s still in that awkward bind between girls. I wonder sometimes how the heck somebody can be so lucky, yet at the same time, be damned to hell.

Work is what it is. My fans enjoy my presence, and I enjoy my fans. I’ve been instrumental in teaching the two rookies, although one is leaving. With that said, I’ll have more focus on the one that remains, who I can only describe as a feisty little firecracker. She should be a decent fit, but then again, I should be nice and content with my life. Heh, heh, heh. Sarcasm be damned.

Believe the hype; my performance of “Animalistic Exhibition” was by far the greatest event ever. Ever. Adding to my already brilliant display was the presence of my fair mistress: apple cider. I pride myself in being an expert showman. Others pride themselves in having the privilege to hear me perform.

Semester concluded with a lunch gathering with Jared, David, Christina, and me. Chipotle was delicious. The world is as it should be, because now, Jordan and I have some catching up to finish. That, and well, let the next semester come on down. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Goo Goo Dolls “Better Days”


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