Conspiracy of One: Thanks for Giving Me a Headache

I think college football is crazy. I think the winner of the BCS title game should be decided via coin flip.

In the process of working on college applications, and must say I’m having fun. Showing my considerable skill when it comes to the quill moves me like no other force. After relaxing my views for a moment, I feel I have a considerable shot at going to Berkeley. I ask myself daily “do I want this?” The answer is yes, more than any shot at…nah, it’s in a new stratosphere.

I have some sins to atone for, namely my actions Thanksgiving night. I was a complete asshole to my family due to the fact I was depressed. It’s no excuse, and the only person I have to blame for my prolonged solo stint is the guy in the mirror. Traditionally speaking, I don’t deal with the holidays because I know that there’s no girl waiting for me under the mistletoe. Coping with that gets harder each year, and work made it worse. I mean, Danielle keeps bringing her boyfriend around now. I hate seeing happy couples together because I should be happy as well.

Before this, though, I had fun dancing after last Saturday night. I thought I wouldn’t be in any shape to move my feet, but dancing is my cure for the blues. I met Katie there after a prolonged period of poking on Facebook. My first impression is that she’s too beautiful to date. That could be an overstatement, but there was something different about her. Again, dancing was fun, should do more of it, etc.

I spent some time with Jordan today. His birthday present was a laptop, so we went to Circuit City in Compton to pick it up. Must say, if I don’t shut up in various situations, I might not make it to my next birthday. We agreed that when he comes to Long Beach, he’s bringing his television. That thing is beautiful. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Lou Bega “Mambo No. 5”


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