Conspiracy of One: I Still Don’t Believe in Karma

Alright, let’s recap the last week, shall we?

1. Worked sick for an additional week because I could not get my vacation time.
2. Went to see Raw; enjoyable for most parts, but a lingering pinch persists.
3. Could not find someone to cover my shift for Saturday; no Berkeley for me.
4. Delayed dream for yet another year; I’m pissed.
5. Left for work sick on Saturday, ended up in a car accident on my way to work.
6. Get grilled by mother who rightfully believes I should be in touch with my own limits.
7. Friends go to Berkeley without me, have fun, while I figure out how to come up with a deductible.
8. Woke up with a nosebleed and coughing up blood before dyeing my hair blue.
9. Understandably searching for green because I’ll be damned if my car looks that bad for long.
10. No longer feel any outstanding loyalty to work; starting to suspect boss is out to get me.

Yep, that was my week in a nutshell. Besides the fact that I’ve perfected my swing dance to a level of mind-blowing awesomeness, nothing good seems to have happened. I’m also familiar with the mythical riverdance. Now, to take what is mine…and restore some balance to the force.

Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Elijah Burke “Don’t Waste My Time”


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